industrial worker

Expectations placed on industrial technology have grown in concert with more sophisticated and extreme applications. Not only do PCBAs and embedded systems perform in high-powered controls, sensors are part of a much larger system of IoT data collection, machine intelligence and artificial intelligence. Large-scale construction, exploration, robotics, heavy-duty equipment, metalworking, transfer pumps, and remote utility systems are subject to highly variable operating environments while often being controlled remotely. Modern designs are expected to withstand extreme thermal conditions, humidity, dust, vibration or shock. Furthermore, these devices are becoming smarter, necessitating a designer’s ability to put more components into a smaller space than usual.

Verigon has proven itself in the Industrial sector by providing ruggedized custom product solutions that consistently exceed industry quality standards. For over three decades, industrial customers have selected Verigon as their manufacturing partner for low-volume/high mix and medium volume electronic and electromechanical requirements. For any rugged situation, we have the capabilities to provide protection for your electronic assemblies through in-house conformal coating options.


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