Hybrid Capabilities

circuit board Our advanced hybrid microelectronic manufacturing capabilities

  • Interconnect Technology
    • Die Attach – Conductive and Non-Conductive Epoxies, Eutectic
    • Wire Bond (Manual and Auto Wire Bond) – Gold and Aluminum, Large Diameter Aluminum
  • IC Packaging
  • Underfill and Encapsulation
    • Die Encapsulation (Glob-Top, Silicone)
  • Marking
    • Laser and Printed Labels
  • Welding/Sealing
    • TO Resistance Welding
    • Seam Sealing
    • Epoxy Seal
    • Au Sn Solder Seal
  • Test and Measurement
    • Gross Leak Testing
    • Fine Leak Testing
    • Temperature Cycling
    • Shear and pull test for wire and die bond adhesion

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